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Saneta Maiko, PhD

Saneta Maiko, PhD


Saneta Maiko, PhD (Cohort 2)

Saneta is the John Templeton Research Fellow with Indiana University School of Medicine (2017-2019). He is a board certified Chaplain Researcher with Indiana University Health and Affiliate Research Scientist with the Indiana University Center for Aging Research, a collaborative initiative between IU School of Medicine and Regenstrief Institute.

Dr Maiko’s interests focus on assessing the effectiveness of chaplains on different health outcomes for advanced cancer outpatients and their surrogates.  He also examines the spiritual needs of cancer outpatients with solid malignancies and their families and, specifically, the effect of spiritual care on their spiritual and emotional well-being. Through collaboration with his mentor, Dr Alexia M Torke, and other oncologists, psychologists, nurses, chaplains, and social workers, Dr Maiko expands his research into areas of chaplaincy research education and spiritual care interventions as they relate to outpatient and family health outcomes. Dr Maiko graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary (PhD), Purdue University (MS), Christian Theological Seminary (STM), St. Paul’s University (BD) and Lutheran Hospital of Indiana (CPE Residency). He is pursuing an MS in Clinical Research from Indiana University. He is an ordained elder with the Indiana United Methodist Conference. He is the founder and former executive director of Crime Victim Care of Allen County, Indiana (Imani Family Services). Dr Maiko has published a book, a book chapter, and articles on leadership, chaplaincy, and psychology. He is married with four lovely children.

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