Transforming Chaplaincy’s ongoing supervision comes from its two directors and from representatives of its partner organizations on the Joint Research Council. These practitioners, scholars, and administrators span chaplaincy disciplines in multiple healthcare settings, research institutions, and educational programs. By drawing together leaders in chaplaincy from around the world and numerous healthcare settings, Transforming Chaplaincy is a truly collaborative initiative that seeks to address the needs and concerns of the entire spectrum of spiritual care.


Wyatt Butcher

New Zealand Health Care Chaplains Association (NZHCA)

K. Madison Carter

Navy Community of Interest for Chaplaincy Research

James Denley

Navy Community of Interest for Research Chaplaincy

John Ehman

ACPE Research Network

Kevin Flannelly

Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy

Derek Fraser

College of Health Care Chaplains (CHCC)

Dr. Daniel Grossoehme

Association of Professional Chaplains

Rev. George Handzo, BCC

Health Care Chaplaincy Network

Naomi Kalish

Neshama – The Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC)

Rev. Dr. Ewan Kelly

European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare

Stephen King, PhD

Association of Professional Chaplains
+1 (206) 288-1099

Rev. Kevin Massey

Association of Professional Chaplains

Dr. Daniel Nuzum

ACPE Ireland

Rev. Jon Overvold, MDiv, BCC

Association of Professional Chaplains

Katherine Piderman, PhD

National Association of Catholic Chaplains

Rabbi Michael Schultz, BCC

Association for Spiritual Care in Israel

Austyn Snowden

European Research Institute for Chaplains in Healthcare (ERICH) 

Chris Swift

Professional Chaplaincy Advisers England

Heather Tan, PhD

Alexander Tartaglia, DMin

Iain Telfer

Scottish Association of Chaplains in Health Care

Tracy Trothen, ThD

Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC)

Anne Vandenhoeck

European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy (EHNCC) 

Martin Walton

Dutch Association of Spiritual Caregivers