Promoting Research Literacy for Improved Patient Outcomes

Evidence Informed Practice

Evidence Informed Practice

The Center’s Evidence Informed Practice resources are organized into topics consisting of 2-3 thematically linked modules. (See a full list of topics below.)

Each topic is priced at $10-$15, depending upon content length. You must register to use the modules. Those purchasing all 9 topics will receive 10% off their entire purchase (value of one free module).

An introductory module “Evidence Informed Practice” (20 minutes) is offered at no charge.

 Topics include:

  • EIP 1: Introduction to Research Topic
    • Introduction to Research module
    • Research Overview module
    • Validity and Study Quality module
  • EIP 2: Types of Research
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Research module
    • Basic Science Research module
  • EIP 3: Research in Clinical Practice
    • Research in Clinical Practice module
    • Asking Clinical Questions module
  • EIP 4: Outcome Measures
    • Measuring Clinical Outcomes module
    • Outcome Measurement Tool module
  • EIP 5: Observational Research
    • Introduction to Observational Research module
    • Types of Observational Research module
  • EIP 6: Research About Treatments
    • Randomized Clinical Treatments module
    • Assessing Articles about Treatment module
  • EIP 7: Summary Research
    • Summary Research module
    • Assessing Summary Research module
  • EIP 8: Understanding Statistics
    • Introduction to Statistics modules
    • Describing Results modules
    • P-Value and Power modules
  • EIP 9: Non-Research Types of Information
    • Clinical Experience module
    • Patient Presentation module
    • Experts module